Al Anthony & Michael Vieira for Town Council

Patricia Sebold for Essex County Freeholder at Large

Essex County Democratic Chairman Leroy Jones
with Livingston County Committee Chairwoman
Patricia Sebold

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Livingston Democratic County Committee Breakfast Has been CANCELLED for the Primary Election Season.


Tuesday, July 7, 2020 - Vote By Mail Only

Livingston Democratic County Committee Breakfast - General Election - TBA


Election Day - VOTE -

Tuesday, November 3, 2020



Livingston, NJ Democrats urge you to Vote By Mail for the July 7, 2020 for the Primary Election

Joe Biden


Cory Bookerr

For Senate

Mikie Sherrill

For 11th District Congress

Christopher Durkin f

For Essex County Clerk

Patricia Sebold

Rfus Johnson, Brendan Gill & Romaine Graham

For Essex County Freeholders at Large

Len Luciano for District 4 Freeholder

Al Anthony & Michael Vieira 

For Livingston Town Council

2018 Summer Fundraiser for Livingston Dems